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12864 Makerbase MKS LCD Intelligent Screen


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  1. Integrated PCB, whose display quality is better than the traditional screen.
  2. Anti-static ability is up to 4KV.
  3. With SD card slot for easy printing.
  4. Equipped with its own encoder, parameter setting.
  5. Support MKS series and ramps motherboard via modifying firmware.
  6. Multi-language display, set by marlin firmware.

Marlin Enable Setting

  1. Screen Contrast Setting
    Follow the process: Arduino/ Libraries/ U8glib/ Utility to find out “u8g_dev_uc1701_mini12864.c” . You can install “notepad++” to check this document. The yellow frame below is screen contrast( the contrast will change as the figure value increases or reduces).
    Default value is 0x027
    The contrast value of LCD12864A is 0x032

  2. Screen Enable

    The same as mini 12864, the enable item(yellow highlighted)
    Note: The firmware can match one type of screen only. It may cause display error if setting up several types of screen. If the firmware is enabled and refreshed, but the screen display is blurred or not displayed. The reason this may be caused is that there is no contrast setting or no saving. Simply set the contrast to 0x032, save it and re-use Arduino to update the firmware.
  3. Modify screen contrast in Marlin 2.0
    a. Enable the“#define MKS_MINI_12864” in configuration.h
  4. In the Conditionals_post.h file.Change the value of MKS_MINI_12864 CONTRAST “LCD_CONTRAST_INIT” to 220 (adjusted according to the actual display effect)
  5. The modification is complete. Recompile the upload firmware



Purchase Notes:

  1. MKS LCD12864: Can be used by 8bit board (MKS Gen_L,Rumba, etc)
  2. MKS LCD12864A/B can’t used on MKS Sgen and MKS Sbase
  3. If the protective screen is scratched then it can be removed easily. Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9MnbtZmq8Y
  4. When used with other than MKS Board (like skr), it can be handled like this. Please watch this video: https://youtu.be/k2Ms2Cl5JFQ

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