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Saturday changes at Kalaakaar Makerspace

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Welcome to a short update about your Makerspace. We at Kalaakaar Makerspace (visit our instagram page) work on commercial projects as well. Along with that the makerspace activities take most of the time. Our team is our greatest strength. They work hard everyday to make this Makerspace in Pune a better place. A place that is convenient for its customers and every delivering. In order to make the Makerspace efficient we had to take some decisions.

Our Makerspace in Pune has some big machines. They are the 3-axis wood and metal CNC machine, Drill Press, Woodworking tools to count some. In India Dusshera is the day when we clean and do pooja to all the machines. In many factories this is the day the machine is not run and overhauled. But we realised for an every changing environment like ours we had to do this at a regular intervals. And hence we made an internal announcement that Saturday’s will be for Kalaakaar and its betterment.

So starting January 2021 all the team members of Kalaakaar dedicated themselves to cleaning the entire shop. Ofcourse we cannot clean all the places because its so huge. But we can concentrate on each section every week. In finance this is called as compounding effect. We need to actually keep moving to see this effect. Any chance however small but when done constantly builds up to give a huge impact. That’s compounding.

We do not plan on the Saturday tasks but we go with the flow. We look at the different sections of the shop on Saturday and decide to attack it. This gives focus on each corner of the shop. This also gives a fresh perspective each time. When we have worked on one corner that tells what can be done to the next sections. So the work we did the previous day gives way to the next week’s work. We even have a schedule for each team member to clean the toilet. If it is us who use it then it is us who will clean it as well.

The result of this work has been very evident. Our machines are regularly maintained and cleaned. The garbage and dust are out. Areas which are cluttered are gone. Our workshop is clean for Monday and when we come we enter with great Josh! Nothing like a clean desk to begin the work. We are glad that we committed to this change. Not to mention this is a collective effort and everyone believes in this goal. Only with our team work this was possible. Now its become our culture.